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Frequently Asked Questions


Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and answers about insurance coverage.

Why do I need insurance cover?

When an insured person leaves the pension scheme, the insurance benefits for disability and death no longer apply. Cover basically continues to apply for 30 days after you leave the pension scheme. Thereafter, you are no longer insured for the risks of disability and death. In combination with the Independent Vested Benefits account you can close this insurance gap.

How can I apply for insurance cover?

To apply for insurance cover, please send us the fully completed and signed risk protection form. In addition, the vested benefits must be transferred to the Foundation.

Is an additional medical examination required?

The question as to whether a medical examination is required depends upon the answers you give on the risk protection form. Please send the form to us at least four weeks before you wish the insurance to start. This will allow sufficient time for any medical examination that may be required.

Who pays the costs for the medical examination

The costs for the health check will be met by the reinsurer in accordance with the TARMED tarif.

Which benefits can I insure for?

You can insure for a disability pension as well as a lump-sum benefit on death (also available as a combination). The amount of the annual disability pension depends on the amount of your pension assets and cannot exceed 30% of this figure. In the event of a claim, after a waiting period of 24 months, you will be paid the pension monthly in advance.

The maximum lump-sum benefit on death you can select is 300% of the pension assets. The capital will be paid out as a one-off lump-sum in addition to the pension assets.

When does the insurance cover come into force?

The commencement date of the insurance is the 1st of the respective month. The insurance cover only comes into force once this has been confirmed to you in writing by the Foundation.

How is the premium invoiced?

The premium can be either invoiced or charged to the vested benefits assets. In exceptional cases the employer can also be billed for the premiums.

How can I terminate the insurance cover?

The insurance cover may be terminated with a three month cancellation term to the end of a month respectively. To this end the Foundation requires a signed instruction.

How long can I keep the insurance cover for?

The insurance cover ends no later than on reaching the statutory AHV retirement age, i.e. 64 for women and 65 for men. When the vested benefits account is cancelled, the insurance cover will expire at the end of the 3 month-notice period.

Can benefits be reduced in the event of a claim?

No. Since this is a fixed-benefit insurance the benefits will be granted to you.

Are there any restrictions if I spend an extended period abroad?

The insurance cover applies worldwide. However, in countries with an increased security risk the insurance cover is restricted or can even be refused. Please refer to the following list for further details or contact us.

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