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Retirement represents the beginning of a new life phase which offers lots of creative scope. At the same time it comes with a number of question marks – as differing as the plans for the third stage of life can be, the questions relating to its funding are equally diverse. AHV and pension scheme assets are normally paid out in the form of a pension, whilst the pension fund offers the additional option of a lump sum withdrawal. Pension or lump sum withdrawal is a matter of need. If the pension scheme assets are contained in a vested benefits institution at the time of retirement, this option is not available. The financial security of a lifelong pension payment is not provided.

The Independent Vested Benefits Foundation offers you the option of a lifelong retirement and widow's pension. Don’t miss out on the chance of financial security and optimise your retirement planning with a lifelong pension. You can actually claim a lifetime retirement pension 5 years prior to the normal retirement age.

The combination of lump sum withdrawal and pension allows you to personally choose how to take your pension assets. In this context, the BVG minimum portion is paid out in each case as a lump sum, the extraordinary portion can be taken as a pension.

On request you can also include cover for a partner’s pension. You have the option of individually determining the amount of the partner’s pension, in this context the conversion rate will take into account your personal situation.

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