Your vested benefits foundation for all stages of life

Pension capital from UK pension funds

Good reasons for transferring to Independent

Transferring capital from UK pension funds to the Independent Vested Benefits Foundation has many tangible benefits.

You benefit from tax privileges for pension fund capital

  • Tax-free transfer of your pension fund capital
  • No wealth or income taxes
  • Low one-off taxation of withdrawals of retirement capital (after five years at the earliest)
  • Attractive inheritance tax for people resident in Switzerland

You minimize currency risk

  • UK pension fund investments are denominated in pound sterling for the most part
  • This involves currency risk for people who finance their livelihood outside of the UK

Your retirement capital can be individually managed

  • Personal, customized investment strategy in compliance with statutory investment guidelines
  • Complete transparency when it comes to performance and cost
  • Securities transfer into your private assets when the pension assets are paid out

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